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Emotional & Mental Health Support
Hi, I’m Beth!

I created this service to augment the interface between psychiatrists and their patients. I offer structured support of the treatment plan developed between the psychiatrist and the patient. This service is custom designed to meet the needs of each specific patient. My services are delivered compassionately and effectively with the overarching goal of restoring the patient/client to an optimal level of mental health functioning.

About Beth

Beth Hutchison, Clinical RDA, EF is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach and Certified Case Manager the Founder and Principal of The Healthy Enabler, offering a full spectrum of mental health support services. Healthy Enabler was established to fill a significant gap in the interface between psychiatrists and their patients. By offering a structured, empathic on-demand support treatment plans, Healthy Enabler has proven to dramatically increase the effectiveness of outpatient care and decrease the incidences of patient relapse. Beth adds a vital and missing layer of support critical to outpatient wellbeing. She is able to closely monitor and encourage patients to stay on track and follow their regimens. With her “home care” platform, Beth is able to provide round-the-clock, on-demand patient assistance. This underscores Beth’s primary goal to prevent patients from falling into the dreaded “gap” between doctor visits.

From a successful background as a surgical assistant in oral surgery, Beth ventured into a medical sales career representing a portfolio of products to a diverse and extensive network of doctors, including psychiatrists. Beth uncovered a dilemma in the outpatient treatment protocol. Gaining the early trust of Dr. Robert Neborsky, Beth was able to help patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression with at-home support.

Dr. Neborsky says: “Beth has a natural disposition in helping those who are suffering from mental health issues”. Being able to identify and develop a specific solution to this set of circumstances by a leading mental health provider validated her instincts. This was the nexus of Healthy Enabler that directed Beth’s efforts in the mental health outpatient services sector.

Beth is devoted to continuing her education in the field of mental health therapy successfully completing several courses to enhance and update her knowledge. Most recently she attended a three-day conference hosted by the California Society for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy on “Advances in the Science of Psychotherapy: Diagnosis, Technique, and Outcome.” She also completed “Peer-to-Peer” counselor training through Recovery, Inc; a postgraduate course on “Attachment and Attachment Based Intensive Psychotherapy” in Denmark; and “Traumatic Grief from Violent Death” through the UCSD Department of Psychiatry. She completed her Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach certification in June 2017. She completed her Case Management certifications in Case Management and Geriatric Case Management in January 2021.

Finally, as a survivor herself, Beth is uniquely qualified to advocate for challenges facing her clients. She transcends her own life experiences to create a non-judgmental peer-to-peer atmosphere which greatly strengthens her bond with her clients. She uses her down-to-earth communication style, humor, and reflection with her own struggles to empower her clients to recover from mental health symptoms. Combined with her bedside manner honed from years in the operating room as an RDA, along with her compassion as a mother, Beth is a natural caregiver.

Currently, she continues to manage treatment-resistant patients for Dr. Neborsky and has expanded her services to a growing network of psychiatrists, mental health professionals, along with attorneys and fiduciaries.

As the eldest daughter of a large San Francisco Bay Area family, she attended college in San Luis Obispo, majoring in Communications.

Beth resides in North County San Diego and is the parent of a teenage daughter. They have two mini Dachshunds known as the “Naughty Monsters”.

She enjoys traveling, going to the beach, cooking, and learning about fine arts.

” There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

– Leonard Cohen

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