Empowering Lives Through Exceptional Care


” I am delighted to recommend Ms. Hutchison’s ” Healthy Enabler” services. I have referred three categories of patients to her. One is the patient who needs support and guidance in order to function outside a psychiatric facility and her services have far exceeded my expectations. She has a canny intuition for what the gaps are in the patient’s treatment plan and with supervision and communication addresses these gaps quickly and effectively. The second category of patient is higher functioning and they are dealing with social phobias and are fighting to overcome isolation. Her program of individualized support and encouragement and text coaching has been a remarkably successful service to augment my individual therapy. Last but certainly not least she offers support and encouragement to dual diagnosis patients who are struggling to sustain sobriety. Her interfacing with family members around issues of co-dependency has been indispensable. I can recommend her services to colleagues in the mental health field.”

Robert J. Neborsky MD
317 Fourteenth St 
Del Mar, Ca 92014
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
UCSD and UCLA (Hon) Schools of Medicine
Distinguished Life Fellow American Psychiatric Association

“Beth was a lifeline. Her guidance  assisted me through the most difficult emotional period of my life. Beth helped me to identify the symptoms of narcissistic abuse, and steps to recovery. Her insight, humor, and therapeutic approach are simply outstanding. I feel lucky to have met her. I highly recommend!”

“Beth is an outstanding life coach. She was born to do this work. She has an innate psychological ability and is a great problem solver. She is incredibly caring and committed to the success of her clients and has nothing but their best interest at heart. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions you might have.”

Cathy Mcloughlin M.A., Masters in Counseling Psychology

“Having experienced bouts of depression since my early  twenties, I was well-acquainted with an ongoing regimen of psychiatric therapy and medication. Nothing had prepared me in my sixth decade for a depression that rendered me incapable of performing the most basic of daily activities. Unable to work, I would lie in bed, unable to sleep, and neglected eating and bathing. 

My doctor referred me to Ms. Hutchison for the care and support I needed on a day-to day basis.

She attended to my personal needs and worked to prevent loss of my financial assets. 

The depression lingered for two-and-a-half years. During this time, she ushered me through the many doctor’s appointments, medical regimens, and treatments that ultimately allowed me to return to a normal life. I am so very grateful for her steadfast devotion to my care.”

-C. F.

“Beth Hutchison has worked with several of my patients through the years by providing them with essential supportive services as an adjunct for treatment of severe mental illness. Her work with my patients has been indispensable in helping them heal from severe depression which has greatly impacted their ability to function. I would recommend her services without reservation based on my experiences with her.”


Philip H Botkiss M.D.
Psychiatrist, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital

“Beth has been a phenomenal supporter; she has always been made available whenever there is a time of need, and has helped me through perils within my recovery. I appreciate her and am very thankful for all of her efforts.”

-N. A

“Beth was instrumental in getting my dating skills off the ground after I spent the last decade dealing with clinical depression, she was very supportive and helped ease me into it. She’s available at all hours of the day/night, which was very helpful for crisis situations. 10/10 would recommend”

-R. S